Modify beetle suspention

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Modify beetle suspention

Post by Herman1 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:56 pm

Hi. I am new here. Very informative forum. I have actually been a follower for 2 years so I have finally decided to join in because I need advice on my project and it would be nice to share my trials and victories.

So, I want to convert my replica Porsche/beeltle RSK718 Syder in such a way that instead of the regular front and rear beatle suspentions I would instead go for the Formula Vee type of suspentions. Has it been done and if possible, who in Cape Town can do it? The gearbox is already " reversed" so that the motor and box sits the same as on a formula vee.

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Re: Modify beetle suspention

Post by retrovan » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:02 pm

If my memory serves me right, we Stiffened up the STD beetle front beam, by strengthening the shock towers, and placing short stroke shocks on it to stop excessive movement and to harden the ride.

The height was determined by the pipe frame.

Some used the STD beam and pulled it down with canvas straps to stop the excessive movement.

The less used option was strengthening the shock towers and short coil overs on a STD beam.

But not sure what the modern Vee's use.

So all the above can be done on your car but why, are you going racing.??

If so, what you doing to the back suspension, cross over coil overs or 3rd spring system...???

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