No not BMW drivers, REAL jokes....
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So there's this salesman..
He's driving down the road, not in any particular hurry. As he's driving, he happens to looks down and sees a chicken running alongside the car. He takes a closer look, and sees it has three legs.

The salesman eases onto the gas. 45, 50 miles per hour; chicken's right there. He gives it a bit more. 55, 60, 65. Chicken's still right there. The salesman really starts to open it up. 80, 85 miles per hour. Looks down. Chicken. The salesman puts the hammer down. 100, 105, finally his car tops out at 110. Screaming down the road at 110 miles per hour the man looks down and sees the chicken is right there with him. The salesman comes to a crossroads and blows right through it. The chicken turned left.

The salesman slams on the brakes. He's sliding all over the road, in and out of the ditch, before finally coming to a stop about a mile down the road. He takes a moment to breath and calm himself, and heads back toward the crossroad to follow the chicken. He turns right and follows the road to a farmhouse, with the farmer sitting on the porch. The salesman gets out of the car, comes to the base of the porch and says, "Excuse me mister, but I have something of an odd question for you. Did you happen to see a chicken come by here?" The farmer nods once, "Why yes sir, I did." "Alright, this is going to sound crazy, but did that chicken have three legs?"
Farmer nods again, "Why yes sir, it did." The salesman got excited. "Where did it come from? Who owns it? How did it get three legs?" The farmer stands up and says, "well sir, follow me and I'll tell you." The farmer starts to walk around the side of the house. "You see, here there's just me, the missus, and the boy. And we all like chicken. And the leg is our favorite part. So, it only made sense for us to breed a three legged chicken." They came to the back of the house where there were three legged chickens everywhere. There were dozens of them running around the lawn. The salesman stared in shock. "That's... this is incredible! How do they taste?" "Don't know. Can't catch one."

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Re: Salesman

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