VW - A history of deceit

No not BMW drivers, REAL jokes....
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VW - A history of deceit

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Courtesy Sniffpetrol.com (via VW Club of SA)

The current VW diesel engine scandal is not the first time the German company has mislead its customers, as demonstrated in this exclusive retrospective.

1950 – When asked who founded company, claims to have ‘forgotten his name. Oh you know, chap with a moustache. Look, it’s not important.’

1961 – Denies the existence of water, especially for cooling engines.

1973 – Admits to over 30 years of fitting engines ‘at the wrong end’.

1981 – Launches Polo mk2, pretends not to know what ‘brakes’ are.

1989 – Claims front bumper brackets of facelift mk2 Golf are ‘definitely strong enough’.

1991 – Promises glovebox lid of mk3 Golf will stay closed.

1995 – Describes Polo Harlequin as ‘stylish’.

1997 – Accidentally uses GTI badge on mk4 Golf.

2003 – Claims to have sold a Phaeton to someone.

2006 – Admits all Passat TDIs in the outside lane of British motorways have secret ‘bellend mode’.

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Re: VW - A history of deceit

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Copied from a comment on theThe Volkswagen Factory Pictures (FB)
(All cabriolets)

Everybody talks about Dieselgate, but nobody remembers the trouble VW got into with both DOT and EPA over the 22 cars they sold produced in 1980.
They were sold as 1979 models with 1979 VIN numbers.
While they met the 85 mph speedometer requirements, they did NOT have the catalytic converters required for 1980 production vehicles, nor the 17 digit VIN required in 1980.
How they got caught was an EPA employee showed off her new VW convertible to a coworker who noticed the production date.
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Re: VW - A history of deceit

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This is quite interesting @V6Capri. I am in the process of writing a book which is about the South African Beetle...meaning those built from scratch here in South Africa thus the 1968 onwards. It is amazing to see the inconsistencies in the data collected thus far. One almost gets the idea that sometimes everything goes to get the numbers out of the door. No wonder the "records has been destroyed" as we constantly hear.
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