Betty the Oval - Donovan D - ex-MINCE

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Re: Betty the Oval - Donovan D - ex-MINCE

Post by Bugger » Fri May 17, 2019 10:35 am

retrovan wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 9:34 am
Bugger wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 12:26 pm
Thanks for the Call

Glad you came right with the Spookpiss :D :D on the Selector fork it loosens up lots of things
Come on Pierre, let us know what you recommended, it will be helpful to many with the same problem.



I Explained to Donovan a newlybuilt Box with Special Ratios is built out of a combo of basically 3 Transmissions
so the gears need to spin to engauge easy as it is used Parts and unfortunately not new as from Factory

It does take some time for the Shifting o get easier

Adapterplates Available for Rotary in Beetle and others aswell
And Special Boxes built for Rotary Conversions and Scubies
082 600 8663

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Re: Betty the Oval - Donovan D - ex-MINCE

Post by Donovan D » Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:05 pm

Just feedback on the gears,
I removed the coupler and shift rod, noticed some grooves on the shift rod which I filed down. There was a definite lip/burr on the one and I can imagine it catching on the spring lever thingy inside the tunnel. No bushes here.


Then I added some gearbox oil in the gearbox, turning the input shaft I could see the gears getting a good amount of oil on them and in between the teeth. I engaged first gear and again turned the input shaft, then did the same with second and reverse, selecting gears on the coupler connected to the hockey stick. I did that a few times, which was probably not necessary.
Tried to engage third and again it would not go, but I could feel a bit of movement. Using a rubber mallet I gently tapped it into third. When I pulled the coupler to get to neutral again I pulled it straight into fourth gear by hand. That was the end of the stuck third and fourth. Connected the shifter rod and shifter and all is working. Third and fourth is harder to engage than the rest of the gears but at least I can engage them.

At the moment Im just cleaning and testing all the electrical bits, so far all is in working order and they are ready to go in.

I do however need an earlier 'SG' ignition switch. I do have the 'SC' which is a 60's one but the screw holes arent lining up. Would prefer to get something that fits rather than having to modify it. I do have a type 3 and also a split bus ignition switch if someone wants to swop.
Also in need of a 6 wire turn signal switch housing for bug.
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