My Kombi

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My Kombi

Post by Goose » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Hi all

I'm testing the waters here - need to sell my Speedster or Kombi to finance a new project I have in mind...

Maybe you guys can help me establish what a good price for them would be.


The Kombi is a 1970 single cab, low light baywindow. 1600 TP motor. Papers in order, road worthy, driving. I will try to add more pics.
The kombi has recently been resprayed and looks good, except for a small bit of rust under the car where the side panels join with the floor.
I have done:
Rear brake drums and shoes
New tail light lenses
New earth strap from battery
Generator replaced with an alternator to charge up the battery a bit faster as I only live 5mins from work. Wiring done.
Refurbished carburetor - it starts and runs very well.
Gearbox oil and engine oil replaced.
Exhaust replaced - J-pipes with heater boxes come with the Kombi if you want to fit a stock exhaust again
VDO clock from a later kombi installed in the instrument cluster - normally the third opening of the cluster is empty.
New glove box lid installed - the single cab usually did not come with one fitted.
Refurbished indicator switch installed
Seats reupholstered in chocolate brown vinyl and brown herringbone material. Enough of both materials still available to finish the door cards.
New door pull straps installed.
New fuel cap installed.
New gear selector coupling installed.
Still to do:
New front brake shoes needed - I have not opened them so don't know the condition, but it is an old car...
Gear change to 2nd is a bit :bn: - I will attempt to rectify this before selling.
Door cards to be upholstered - material supplied to match seats.
Tail light rubber seals need to be replaced.
Window rubbers are all intact but are showing their age.

There are some pics on the forum already of my Speedster, the Goosemobile. Not sure how to insert a link here.

The Speedster is also licensed and roadworthy, and has papers. It has a 1600 TP motor. I have done quite a lot on it and it drives like a new car.
I have done:
Refurbished floor pan (no glassfibre shortcuts!)- primed and painted, underside painted with bakkie liner so it is very durable. The gear lever and hand brake lever were moved back to make for more comfortable driving.
New shock absorbers.
New brake master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake lines, brake shoes and drums skimmed - completely new brake system in other words.
Engine is stock except for a drop-in electronic ignition module and Bosch blue coil. Runs very well. New spark plugs, plug leads, oil.
Wiring completely redone according to VW wiring diagram - all wires are correctly coloured and easy to trace on the drawing. The wiring was done by an expert and you will not find another wiring job this good. All wires connect with quick connect couplers and are marked.
Dashboard rebuilt and sprayed and correct Porsche 356 gauges fit. Period correct switches and knobs fit.
Steering column rebuilt to resemble a 356, and a new indicator switch installed.
Battery moved to the compartment behind the back seat, along with the fuses and relays.
Sound deadener material installed under the hood, in the compartment behind the seats, and on the floor pan.
New carpets installed in the whole car, and the seats, dashboard, internal panels and door cards have been upholstered in real leather.
Period correct door handles installed.
Engine compartment fully closed off so the engine runs very cool.
New 4 tip exhaust built out of two genuine VW mufflers - the car sounds great. Still with original j pipes etc.
Beehive indicator and tail light lenses fit, as well as a shine-down number plate light.
New rear view mirrors are on their way and will be installed soon.
Rebuilt the roof bow to make it fit better on the windscreen.
To do:
Up to the next owner - the car currently has flared wheel arches to accommodate the wider wheels. I will supply a set of correct Porsche 356 wheels which are 5.5J, as well as all 4 quarter panels in case the next owner wants to take the wheel arches back to stock.
The roof is solid - got it with the car - and works, but there is only one side window zip-in panel - new owner will have to make new ones if he or she wants side window panels.

What do you guys reckon on pricing for these two? As mentioned, I need to sell one to finance a new project :hangloose:


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Re: My Kombi

Post by acpaterson » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:25 pm

Hey buddy, long time no chat,

from what I've seen on the Interior, the Speedy is REALLY looking nice.
Based on what I've seen since I had Big Red in Cape Town, these things have a good enough demand and are well sought-after, but the right enthusiast. So, advertise, and see what the feeling is. I'd say you should be 120 to 150 K, And as you say, you have ironed out a lot of the previous owners niggles.. If there's a REAL enthusiast out there, it should sell easy G.

Good luck



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