Wireless Android App Gauges (Chariot Gauge)

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Wireless Android App Gauges (Chariot Gauge)

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Hi guys, I've been sitting on this link for over a year. I apologise for that. I think it's an awesome piece of tech. Check it out:


Chariot Gauge brings engine tuning analysis to automotive enthusiasts while eliminating the hassle of expensive physical gauges. The system displays digital and analog readouts of five essential sensors on a naturally aspirated or forced induction engine. The five sensors are Wideband Oxygen, 2.5bar Manifold Air Pressure(boost/vac), Oil Pressure, Intake Air or Coolant Temp, and Voltage. Chariot Gauge is widely configurable for different IAT/CLT sensors, Wideband, and Oil Pressure sensors. The MAP is soldered directly to the PCB board. Chariot Gauge is OBD agnostic and will work in virtually any automotive application.

There are two main components that comprise the Chariot Gauge system:

A physical device that connects to the four sensors and queries them 20 times a second. We refer to this as the Chariot Gauge controller.
A smart phone/tablet app that receives, via Bluetooth, the collected data from the controller to display on the gauges.
The install process is very simple: 1) download the app, 2) connect the controller to your car, 3) connect the app to the controller. The controller comes with a pigtail that has nine wires to be connected. Seven of those wires are for the four sensors that are off the PCB board, the remaining two are for switched +12v power and ground. Download the free app from the Google Play market or iTunes app store, open it, and connect to the device. That’s it.

How it works (with more on the app features):


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