77 Beetle V6

Whatever you want to put in the back of your VW...
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77 Beetle V6

Post by WidgetBean »

Hi all. Ok so i am going back and forth with the gearbox thing. i have a kombi box with side shafts and kombi trailing arms but it just seems like a huge amount of extra unnecessary work and then still making the rear wheel brake system work with disks. What is you comments on mounting the 3L V6 onto the beetle original box to avoid having to physically make a suspension and also the disk brake conversion kits are widely available, now my Question will the beetle box be strong enough for the v6? Bare in mind that i'm not going for a crazy fast car or anything, just like the idea of a V6 Beetle so its just a normal dead standard 3L V6 out of a Ford Cortina. I know a few of you wont and don't agree with me hacking up a beetle to fit the V6 but again, i just like the idea of it 8)

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Re: 77 Beetle V6

Post by sean »


I don’t want to be evil or badmouth your idea, but I’m giving you an honest answer. Your idea will not work, forget about it. Besides it making a beetle just look ugly with that engine hanging out the back, you will not be able to get it into a drivable state.

A beetle gearbox is designed for a maximum of 37kw, and even that power breaks them. Now you want to put a 100kw into it..... let’s not also forget the extra weight of the V6 that will probably just break the bellhousing apart.

What do you intent to do about the cooling?

You really should become more familiar with aircooled vw’s before you carry on trying to do this.
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Re: 77 Beetle V6

Post by Tony Z »

and not to mention the added weight will make the car horrible to drive.
Remember, you are putting the weight behind the rear wheels, so the ass is going to sag and wonder all over the road, plus the weight where it is will try to lift the front tyres (see-saw) and you'll end up with an unstable front end.

You have to ask yourself.... why dont you see more V6 beatles on the road?
I'll guarantee you that its been done before and I'll bet you they either scrapped the car or sold it very shortly after

And no, your gearbox will not survive.
And you'll have to fabricate extra mounting points for the front of the gearbox to keep the nosecone where it is supposed to be, again, you'll be pivoting the gearbox around the axles and the nosecone will be what is trying to lift the front of the car - now by moving the nosecone up, your gear shift linkage will get stuck or jam and you will have plenty fun trying to change gears.
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Re: 77 Beetle V6

Post by retrovan »

When young, we fitted a Porsche 6 cylinder twin turbo to a Beetle and ran it up the then un-opened N1 highway.

We had so much wight in the nose, with cement bags, and still the nose lifted on every rise in the road.

Needles to say the engine came out and a Beetle 1600 went back.

Nice to say you done it, but sad as its not a daily driver at all.


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Re: 77 Beetle V6

Post by Haans »

My late dad always said,......gaan le tot die lus oorgaan!!!!

My advice to you ,.....listen to the ghurus,........

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