Electronic Ignition

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Electronic Ignition

Post by Woogie-74 »

Hi All. I am wanting to possibly do the Electronic Ignition conversion on my 1600 1974 Beetle.

With a ton of research, I have two possibilities.

The Giga Tech Conversion keeps the points and replaces the condenser. And an option the Auto Style sells is a conversion kit that replaces the whole lot.

What is the better way to go? Please see the images of both for reference.

Also, do I actually go ahead either way. The original Coil/Condenser/Points system is unreliable but easy to diagnose and fix, especially if you are on the road. If something goes wrong with the electronic route... It is not as easy to have a spare... Or is that reliable that I do not have to worry about having a spare?



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Re: Electronic Ignition

Post by Wentzel »

Hi, I would go with the giga tech. The quality of the kit is not good and you will have issues with oil leaks and coil.
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Re: Electronic Ignition

Post by 73type2 »

+1 for the G-Tech. Contact TonyZ on here. He sells the G-Tech with Bosch blue coil.
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Re: Electronic Ignition

Post by sean »

The original points and condenser system is only unreliable if fitted with Chinese points and condenser. Just find some old original ones and they can remain working for years. You must also ensure you have the correct coil fitted. Plenty aftermarket coils are prone to burning points due to incorrect resistance. Make sure it's original correct Bosch coil.

Should you want the best electronic ignition, then find the genuine VW 1.9WBX system. This uses a much stronger coil and gives you a very strong spark. It's also high quality and maintenance free. That kit from Autostyle is essentially a copy of this system, so it's a good designed system but made in china, so suspect quality.

Re: Electronic Ignition

Post by Guest »

+2 for the G-Tech. I have had no issues with reliability, Tony Z supplies the conversion kits
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Re: Electronic Ignition

Post by Tony Z »

I've got Giga Tech units and coils in stock. WhatsApp me on 0833418937
The Autostyle unit is cheaper and includes a distributor too. You get much more "kit" for your money, but they cut costs by making it cheap and unreliable. There are plenty other vendors who also sell that chinese kit.
I've sold more GigaTechs to replace those cheap kits than I have for people wanting to convert directly from points and condensor.

And yes, I use the GigaTech in one of my rides.
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