Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Whatever you want to put in the back of your VW...
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Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Post by Drusky » ... 23088.html
The biggest drawback of electric cars is so far: They are expensive. A hamburger business now has a clever idea. For just under 12,000 euros, he offers a simple tool kit, which is an old VW Beetle to electric car can be converted.

Who wants to turn his old VW Beetle into an electric car , you need to now about 11,300 euros and a few days of patience. That is the promise of Sirri Karabagh . The Hamburg-based entrepreneur takes a conversion kit on the market, with the auto mechanic or private tools can safely and easily electrify the classics from Wolfsburg to .

Karabagh is not the first to implement the dream of a car with electric drive into action. There are already a number of companies that offer such conversions, several inventors have verbastelt their old favorites on their own to streamers . But the entrepreneur has a lot of experience with the conversion of cars with internal combustion engines to electric vehicles . A few years ago he developed an electric powertrain So far the Fiat 500 was used.

"We have been repeatedly contacted by workshops who wanted to install our systems in cars ," says Karabagh . So far he had refused the requests . "It was too risky ," he says. " If someone on the electrical rumgefrickelt and hurt himself , which would have fallen on us. "

That he changed his mind , for a simple reason : Karabagh keeps his conversion kit now for foolproof .

A set of seven things

The set his reportedly only consists of seven individual components - instead of 135 as previously The components were not reduced, but more compact . Karabagh is counting on : "You get the charger , the battery , the engine, a fuel-driven heater , the tank for heating , an inverter and the multibox . " In the box stuck under other boards and fuses for battery management . " But the fact we have 50 individual components housed ," he says.

Based on a construction manual with pictures to the old drive train can be replaced by the new electric . There is also a matching console with touch screen, which is mounted below the dashboard . There is also the gears are (more than a forward and reverse gear and the parking mode there is not ) and the screen with the display of remaining range and the engine temperature .

The set is a sample report from TÜV Süd , in which the points are checked off after the conversion finished . Everything was built strictly according to the instructions , may e- beetle on the road . " The TUV was involved in our development process and has advised us of critical points," says Karabagh .

More coverage than modern retrofit models

According to the Hamburg-based entrepreneur , it brings the electro -VW after the conversion , at best, to a range of 120 kilometers and a top speed of 115 km / h "These are better values ​​than our Fiat 500E , based on the new Cinquecento " says Karabagh . The reason : The Beetle weighs only 900 pounds and is thus easier .

Except that he is now more compact, was allegedly changed nothing on the drivetrain - the battery provides 11 kWh of storage and the engine power is 23 kW. " Only the flange we had to adjust to the beetle gearbox " says Karabagh . " The biggest expense for us was to get to know the car properly and accommodate the components optimally . " The engine sits - as usual - in the rear. The battery is installed in the front.

Karabagh wants to electrify other old cars as simple as possible . He hopes to get ambitious workshop owners : You should find out how the drive train can be installed , for example, a golf or Manta and what modifications are required to the car . Can be derived from their plans a safe and easy assembly instructions as derived for the Beetle , the pioneering work will be rewarded - the workshop will receive a commission for every kit sold for each model .

New old - symbol of new beginnings

For now, it is but the beetle set again . Sixty years ago, the little VW was the symbol of the economic miracle - now he is celebrated as a kind of hope for the electric mobility.

Karabagh assumes that there are more than 80,000 beetles in Germany . About half of them , he says, has an H-plate . But that will be obsolete because of the drastic changes after a conversion . Nevertheless , the maintenance costs are lower than normal cars , electric cars are finally freed from the vehicle tax for ten years.

How many Beetle owners will now have access to the conversion kit , do not estimate Karabagh . He expects to electrify over the next six years, a total of 20,000 cars with its powertrains. " For broad modern cars will be there, probably more interesting as a classic car ," he says.

Still, it counts for any modification , will eventually especially the growing numbers of electric drives - thus simultaneously reduces manufacturing costs . "Only then will you be able to offer electric cars at a cheaper price," says Karabagh . " And that is now at times. "

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Re: Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Post by Thumper »

I like this. :hangloose: And these cars are not slow...

(The Mercedes SLS electric car does 0-100 in 3.9sec, 1000nm torque, range of 250km) ... ve/eng.php
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Re: Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Post by johanb »

Another split electric on the way as well
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Re: Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Post by retrovan »

The problem at this moment is the battery's......

You can convert a VW Beetle into electric with 4 off the self components, but still sit with the distance problem.

That is due to the battery's.

The 4 Parts are;-
1) off the self electric 3ph motor
2) coupling from motor to Beetle spigot shaft
3) Ac drive off the self with dynamic braking that can be changed to recharge battery's
4) set of battery's, now here lies the problem.

Now from this point you can start adding gismos to make it more efficient, and the more you add the higher the price goes.

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Re: Conversion Kit for VW: +seven components = electric car

Post by Denny »

I think the answer to space is this: ... p?t=685656

However, it is not the answer to cost as more batteries = more cost!
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