205 80 R16 tires on a Bay Window?

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205 80 R16 tires on a Bay Window?

Post by LouisBayWindow »

Hi - My 74 Bay Window is having marital problems with its 3.4 V6
The 4 speed G Box revs Ford up the wrong way!

I lookin for the cheapest way out - so looking at larger wheels (only at the rear) as an option

I am thinking of keeping the standard steel rims and cute hubcaps and simply enlarging the steelies to around 15 or 16 inches

Do you good folk think a 205 80 16 would fit the wheel arches at the rear? (Torsion beam and bump-stops can be adjusted)

I could also go wider to a 215 with smaller steel rim - but would this width clear inside the wheel arches at the rear? (assuming we keep the standard pitch on the rim)

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Tony Z
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Re: 205 80 R16 tires on a Bay Window?

Post by Tony Z »

your best bet is to take the bus to a tyre place and ask them to do some test fitting
Your tyre offset will also affect the answer

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Re: 205 80 R16 tires on a Bay Window?

Post by sean »

A 205 80 R14 is no problem, so your only difference is the rim diameter. This is obviously 2 inches bigger. The wheel arches are considerably large on the bay bus, so I don't imagine you should have issues. It may touch the top of the wheel arch on substantial hard bumps.... But as Tony mentioned, you would need a rim with the same offset. A different offset will cause issues.

You mention your bus is a 74 year model, so it would have had a 1800 box originally.

If you wanting to lower revs, you must have the later 091 2l gearbox.

What I mention below is applicable to the 091 2l box.
With standard 185 80 R14 tyres, you should be around 120 km/h at 4000 rpm. If you change to 205 80 R16, this would change to around 136km/h at the same 4000 rpm.

I would however advise that the ford motor be divorced from the bus. It will NEVER EVER live in harmony. I guarantee you. Don't waste any more money on it.

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