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New Member - Advice needed PLEASE

Post by Alex95 »

Hello Everyone,

Im Alex. Just joined the forum..

I need some advise please. I know this question has been asked one to many times but going back too look for answers is wracking my brain.

Okay, here's it. I bought a VW Beetle from a friend. The bug has no papers and he bought it from someone who bought it from someone.
Now, I know the car is clean (not been stolen) and possibly in Archives. What I would like to know is, if I put the time and energy into re-building her, how possible would it be to get her re-registered on my name or should I re-register her as a built up vehicle instead? If i register her as a built up, i already have the body & pan (no papers) but no actual receipt for that, should I contact the dude i bought it from for a "receipt" of the body & pan to show towards the paperwork for registering a built up??

I know, why buy a car with no papers. But she was a HUGE Bargain and she needs a new life - i just need best advice possible on what route i should take.

Thank you and sorry for asking the same question many before me have asked - lol

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Re: New Member - Advice needed PLEASE

Post by Blitzkrieg »

First get the paperwork sorted before doing anything else.
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Re: New Member - Advice needed PLEASE

Post by 73type2 »

Hi Alex. Take the engine number and chassis number to the traffic department to find out if it is in the archives or whatever. They'll give you a list of requirements for the process to get the vehicle in your name. I think the form is RPI/RPC, to be taken to SAPS Clearance Offices. With no papers you'll have to do an affidavit at the police station that tells the story of how you got the car, etc., get a weight certificate, data dotting.

Buying a classic car with papers is ideal but as long as you know it wasn't stolen, the road is longer and harder, but it can be done.

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