What am I doing wrong

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What am I doing wrong

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If I arry out the ignition timing using a test light method and I'm at number 1 rotate the dissy till light comes on it doesn't start as I still have to turn the dissy anti clock wise to start.

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Tony Z
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Re: What am I doing wrong

Post by Tony Z »

turn the engine to tdc #1
take off the dizzy cap
check that the rotor is in fact pointing to the wire for #1 cylinder

if in doubt, start from point zero and work from there.
put engine at TDC #1
take off dizzy cap
turn dizzy so thin "slit" in dizzy lines up with same width mark in rotor.
Put cap back on and put #1 lead onto the cap plug that the rotor is now lined up with.
remove cap again
turn engine clockwise a little, check which way rotor turns
put plug lead for #4 onto next plug point that the rotor will reach, then in same direction, put on #3 lead, then last, #2 lead.
Car should now start without issue.

with a timing light, advance idle timing to 5 or 7.5 deb BTDC
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