You get what you pay for

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Re: You get what you pay for

Post by flatfourfan »

vader wrote:But if you are serious about your sound nothing beats 5 or 7 speaker surround sound...

Big car sound is for babies....

The thing with car sound is that you can only listen to it in the car :jerkoff: and then some wanker breaks into your car and steals it....

If you doubt what I say come and have a listen to my system the clarity is unbelievable the power is unparalleled and you can enjoy movies, music and truly enjoy music like never before.....
I've had both.......and home theatre as well as huge car audio are a waste of money.

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Re: You get what you pay for

Post by vader »

What Home theatre did you have?
Amp, speakers etc....
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Re: You get what you pay for

Post by Matt_W »

flatfourfan wrote:I scaled down my car audio....mp3 ipod deck with clarion amp, jbl splits, jbl coaxes and jbl 8" sub, 100% stealth and it sounds great..........
Sounds brilliant - I was thinking of a similar idea..I think - you mean no head unit?
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